Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Zulu War 28mm Figure Ranges

As part of my Zulu Wars project I started listing all the suppliers who produce 28mm ranges for this period. I am sure that this has been done before somewhere else (but I couldn't find it) and if any ranges are missing please let me know.

In no particular order here are the manufacturers and a short summary of what they produce

Rapier Miniatures

Looks like an interesting range but have not been able to comment on quality, size etc


Empress Miniatures

Probably the most exhaustive of all the suppliers out there. I know they fit well with the Warlord Games plastic range.They are also one of the priciest (see table below). Those that I have seen look great

AW Miniatures
Interesting range but again not seen any figures to comment. I do have some of their SYW range and they are excellent

Redoubt Enterprises

Cant really comment on this range but have heard good and bad things. I'll be visiting their stand at colours in Newbury this September so will have a better perspective then.

Wargames Foundry

Can't forget these guys. really nice figures but pricy. Individuals look great

Black Tree Design

I love these guys and have bought Zulus, Brits and Boers from these chaps. Make sure you take advantage of their weekly sales. Prices quoted below are for standard price but the sales typically knock 30% off.

Warlord Games

The best bet for plastic (ie cheap ranges) and the big box sets can be picked up on ebay for significant discounts. The prices quoted below in the tablebelow are for standard prices

Wargames Factory

These guys produce two plastic boxes one of Zulus and one of Brits. I bought the Zulus to mix in with the Warlord Games ones for variety and they work. The Online store appears to be closed but boxes of 30 can be found on ebay for 20GBP

Baker Company

Never heard of these guys until I started searching the internet. Small range of British Infantry and Naval units

Newline Designs

Although they do an extensive 20mm range they do appear to have some 28mm Boers

finally its worth checking out Northstars Africa Range - includes animals, matabele (substitutesc for Zulus) , Porters etc

Price Summary

It is clear that plastic offers the best price to field the hordes of Zulus

Infantry Cost (GBP)
Cavalry Cost (GBP)
Artillery Cost (GBP)
AW Miniatures
Black Tree
Warlord Games (Plastic)
Wargames Factory
Baker Company

Please note that these prices are based on 23/08/16. They are standard prices (eg standard pack of four figures divided by four to give single price). Many of these suppliers offer multi discounts, pack deals etc.
Artillery prices typically include crew

The prices exclude postage

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Colonial Wars - British Army Started

Hi Folks

Following 2 weeks of idleness in the Portuguese sun I am slowly getting back in the groove.

Whilst away Postie delivered a rather interesting parcel. The Warlord Games Plastic Army starter set for the British. I sourced this on ebay for 55 GB pounds ( they sell for 75 pounds on the official site).

These are of course for my Zulu Wars read the Zulu Army project click here

The box contains 60 British Infantry, 20 NNC Natives, a couple of mounted officers and a gatling gun with three crew. So each figure works out at about 60p. Remember we are trying to build these armies on a budget

The Natives Sprue is virtually identical to the standard zulu sprues, with the noticeable differences being the heads are adorned with bandanas (to be painted red), and the weapons include a quiver of javelins.

To be blunt I was rather disappointed when I examined the British Infantry sprues - each sprue carries four bodies. Rather annoyingly two of these are kneeling. I do like different poses on my figures but to have half a core set in this pose is just wrong. There appears to be four different rifle positions and a number of head options. So we can deliver some variety.

The horse officers (Pulleine & Melville) come from Warlords alliance with Empress and their is a rather useful gatling gun witrh three crew to round things off

I'll begin assembling the plastics in the coming days and share how these differ to the Black Tree Brits I bought a few weeks back, however a quick examination by eye suggests that these guys might be 1mm taller and a bit chunkier but they will add some variety to the plastic set. Furthermore all the Black Tree ones are standing up !

So in total I have around 100 British Infantry. These will be assembled into 16 figure companies although I'll have some flexibility to reduce/increase these to twelves/sixteens by using a number of 2 x 2 bases.

More to come soon

Friday, 5 August 2016

Colonial Wars - Zulu Army Finished !

Its been the best part of six weeks since I started this project and I can now report it is complete !

420 Zulus painted, dipped, varnished based and arrayed for battle !

part 1 of this project can be found here

They look pretty imposing en masse

When laid out in two ranks the force stretches over six feet (2 metres)

The bosses are all mounted on 80mm discs from warbases

All the units have different shield designs...with their own respective commanders

Better start on the Brits now...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Battle of Britain - a new Kickstarter

A big thank you to Alastair of a wargaming gallimaufry fame for bringing to my attention this Kickstarter.

Having always been fascinated by the Battle of Britain (and don't you just love the movie of the same name) I decided to back this deal.

I love strategic board games like these so it was a bit of a no brainer...

you can find all the details here

I can here it now....Dakka Dakka Dakka

Monday, 1 August 2016

The Shed Extension part 10

Morning All

Another busy weekend in the garden and continuing works on the new improved Shed.

Part 9 can be found here

I think I can safely say that I am getting towards the conclusion of this project which will not only be good for my sanity but also my wallet.

So here here goes with a progress report. First up I moved the window from the old back wall and cut this into the wall of the new shed. The single window wasn't giving enough light so I removed another from the first extension and put this one as well. The light certainly makes a difference but also ventilation is much improved.

The second job was to finish off the cupboard (Or should I say shed within a shed) for Mrs Shed. Part of the agreement I had with her was to allocate some of this new space to her storage needs. This was all framed out (including internal roof, hardboard lined and painted. She can move in one her racking turns up.

Next up was to get all the lights working inside. I had previously installed the florescent tubes but had not wired these in. With some trepidation I finished the circuitry and flicked the switch. They all work.

With light inside I was able to assemble the first of the shelving racks that arrived. These are all 90 cm long and 2 metres tall. The box says that each shelf can support 200kg. Don't think I have that much lead.I havce some 30cm deep shelves on order which will fit neatly in the space on the left.

You can also see how much space Mrs Shed's cupboard has taken up.. the area to the back left. By putting the roof on the cupboard I get to use the space above for storage

With the racks done I can now think about transfering the crap that has accumulated on the games table (we are playing tonight !)

The next job is to build my workbench in here. See below.

I have also installed a plug socket for the various tools to be used

With the weekend drawing to a close... a quick final job. Build a new wood store. The last one had fallen apart and with so many offcuts spread arpound the area from the shed build I wanted to get these under cover pronto. We use the wood in our Chimenea on the patio

More soon

Monday, 25 July 2016

Half a Million Hits !!

Good Afternoon everybody

As of today the Shed Wars blog achieved half a million hits !

Since its beginning four and a half years ago in December 2011 I have been proud to share my wargaming passion with the rest of the world. Its been great fun and never in my wildest dreams did I expect to achieve this magical number.

I can only thank each and everyone of my followers, visitors and above all those that have visited the 'Shed' for giving me the inspiration to continue. As always I'll publish the stats in my end of year report.

What I can say is that the content I have created across the last few years over a number of genres and projects continues to draw attention and in part it is this 'library' that is driving these numbers of over 15k hits per month.

If you have been following regularly you will know that I am currently reconfiguring my gaming space  - the Shed - to create more space for games, terrain building and new projects. Here's hoping that as I move to the next milestone of 1 million you will all continue to join me on my adventures.

Thank you

Eric the Shed  

The Shed Extension - part 9

Morning Folks

Its Monday morning and I am still exhausted. I spent all day yesterday on the shed extension  - 14 hours straight but I think that porogress has been significant.

The inside is now all clad and insulated.

The walls and ceilings have all been painted

The lighting is up but not connected

......and most importantly the cut through has taken place...albeit not in the place I intended. More on this in a minute.

If you want to go back to the previous post on this build head here...

As you can see in the above picture the new cabin is looking clean and white. In both this and the photo below the flourescent tube lights have been installed with the cabling attached. This will be connected probably next weekend

In the photo above you can see where I was intending to cut through. The green painted area. The window will be reclaimed to go on the front of the new shed.This area would need to be supported with extra pillars but on this side of the wall we are ready to go.

However the either side had a very large shelving rack which needed to come down. Clearing this took over 30 minutes and the only place all this lot could be stored was on the table..

How much stuff ???

 With the shelves down deconstruction could begin - cant believe that the crap on the table squeezed into this area.

Once the shelving unit was down I ripped off the hardboard facing and was confronted by the issue that the central roof beam in the middle shed was supported by the two uprights in the middle of the wall. My plan had taken a change of direction.

You can see this dilemma in the picture below. You can also see that the entry between the two sheds now lies to the right rather than the centre. The window has been removed and this space will be filled.

Cutting through was relatively straight forward with a jig saw. There are still some bits needed to be done with framing but otherwise the jobs a good un...

Next up building a SHED WITHIN THE SHED..or where I lose some of this space to Mrs Shed...

part 10 can be found here